Outstanding Colourist!

An outstanding colourist!

That is what I would say if given one word to describe Geraldine Laly. Except that, the fulfilled artist she is, for ever in search of harmony amongst her colours, also stands as the expression of talent nourished by sensitivity and intelligence, that delivers powerful and eloquent pieces of work whilst still overflowing with balance and serenity.


As such, Geraldine allows us to share her internal peace, thus offering whoever is willing to dive into the deep and magnificent ocean of her personal creations, a blessing.

Full of light and contrasts, her variations give us a glimpse of eternity. An eternity that Geraldine generously hands over to us, thus allowing us to embark on a journey of precious introspection, in a soft way, one totally exempt of brutality. There also lies Geraldine talent: her art gives us an unaware opportunity of a homecoming and a return to nature. Geraldine’s art of painting simply makes people happy! It is an ode to tolerance, curiosity towards others, and to creativity since she works mostly from her own photos. In this way, Geraldine’s sharp eye and vivacious spirit expand to their full dimension.
It boils down to Geraldine’s burning interior dialogue revealing itself in each and every one of her art pieces. As for us, we indulge in the divine pleasure of letting ourselves be touched by her undeniably spiritual, highly symbolic, almost mystical universe. The infinitely small within the infinitely large, the greatness of Mankind revealed, a hymn to Life. I encourage you to give into Geraldine’s work of Art!

Michel Santi
Private collector and Director of Art Trading & Finance – Genève